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The bird scarer, scarecrow ESPANTO©

Every year, considerable damage on sowings, harvests, the vines and the fruit trees, are due to the damage of birds (pigeons, crows, starlings, gulls, etc). From 10% to 100% affected!  This damage has an unquestionable cost for the operators (up to 100£ the hectare!). More or less effective means exist to push back these degradations.

Il bat des ailes

The bird scarer kite ESPANTO© I and III have the form and the mimetic one of a raptor (sparrowhawk or falcon), natural predators.

Studied to fly at the top of a pole and to reproduce the flight of the raptor in hunting (beats wings), the bird scarer kite ESPANTO© consists of materials of high-qualities (fabric nylon and glass fibre), ensuring a durable use over several years.


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the bird scarer kite ESPANTO©

an ecological, economic
and effective system to repel any attack of birds.

Why do you need it?

Stop the crowsYou often lament the consequent losses on your cultures because of birds.

Existing solutions (guns with gas, detonators, laser beams, falconers, …) are constraining, expensive and monopolize your work time.

The bird scarer ESPANTO© is light and flies permanently, from less than 0,62mts/h of wind, it acts on the instinctive fear of the birds vis-a-vis the threat of a predator.
Its simple and fast system of installation will leave you more time for the other tasks of your holding.

The bird scarer ESPANTO© does not require any maintenance and is not creating disturbance for the neighbourhood.

By using the bird scarer kite ESPANTO©, you will decrease your losses
and will increase inevitably your profit margins!

  • Full system ESPANTO IFull system ESPANTO I

Bird scarer kite ESPANTO I 65cm

(kite delivered ready to fly
+ a 5 meters pole)


ESPANTO III = more real than the real            More efficient = 2km/h of wind            Lighter = 20 grams            More resistant = made in France            More effective = hawk flight

  • Système complet ESPANTO IIIFull system ESPANTO III

Bird scarer kite ESPANTO III 100cm
Out of stock

(kite delivered ready to fly
+ a 5 meters pole)

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The shipping costs are additional.

A tested effectiveness?

Several meticulous tests were carried out on the field. Forms, colors, flights, materials, and reactions of the birds.
The results were worthy of our waiting, having been observing that none of the harmful birds had penetrated the covered zones (<2ha) by the bird scarer kite ESPANTO©
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How many do you need?

Each bird scarer kite ESPANTO© covers approximately 2 hectares, in a realised surface.

A test have been realized on a stalling, the experiment showed us a less effectiveness in an environment surrounded by buildings. Coming mainly from the difficulty to move the system.

If you plan to use the system on a roof, for example a church, ensure of the possibility of access and displacement of the system at will.

Bird scarer complete system ESPANTO


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