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How does the ESPANTO© bird scarer kite work?

The bird scarer ESPANTO© is a kite that flies by itself at the top of a pole. You don't need to pilot it, when installed it stands on its own.

TO prevent the birds becoming used to the kite,
move it around a few meters every 3 or 4 days.

Don't fold the rod exaggeratedly.

check YOUR nodes!

Kite assembly:

The bird scarer ESPANTO© kite system was designed for easy assembly and use. It flies from less than 1,25m/h of wind (1bft). It is recommended to dismount it with more than 30km/h of wind (6 bft).

In this diagram, you will find all the terms mentioned in the directions for use.

1. Insert the ends of the arc into the sheaths
of leading edge.

2. Insert the end of the axis
into the central sheath.

3. Push the three rods at the same time,
until their thrust.

4. Check that the rods are well plugged
in the ends.

5. Position the point of the axis
between the two marks on the arc.

6. Tie the string (provided) with the swivel
of the drift and fix the other end
at the tapered end of the pole.


System installation

Choose carefully the site where you will install the bird scarer kite ESPANTO© system.

It must be in an open space to avoid any obstacle with the flight of the kite and to facilitate catching the wind.

Adjustment of the length of string: the kite should not meet any obstacle in all its area of flight, including the ground. Adjust the length of the string so that the kite does not touch anything at the bottom of the pole.

Fix the pole on the ground or on another support of your choice. The ideal length of pole being 5,4yd (provided with the complete system).

By respecting these instructions of assembly and installation, you will obtain an optimal result.

Obviously we cannot guarantee 100% efficiency as any system of startling cannot claim that. It is advisable to use the bird scarer kite ESPANTO© in a place where the attacks of birds are proven; it may be combined with other systems.


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